Episode 1 of The King’s Adoration. The king’s affection ep 1 eng sub

Let’s welcome The King’s Affection, a new Korean drama on Netflix! Song Hyun Wook directed the film, which has previously been seen in Undercover, Graceful Friends, and Be Melancholic. 

With its one-of-a-kind palace romance, The King’s Affection is set to steal the audience’s hearts. It’s a cross-dressing-themed saeguk (historical) drama.

the king's affection episode 1
the king’s affection episode 1

The King’s Affection, written by Han Hee-Jung, who previously wrote Clean For Passion, begins promisingly and leaves a lasting impact! Park Eun-Bin and Rowoon from SF9 star as the main characters in the drama. 

The first time we see them is in the second episode. But don’t fret, the child performers did a fantastic job representing their characters’ younger counterparts! I always prefer historical dramas because of the complex and compelling plots, so I’m looking forward to starting my recap adventure with this one.

Season 1 episode 1 of The King’s Affection recap

Season 1 episode 1 of The King's Affection recap
Season 1 episode 1 of The King’s Affection recap

The first episode of The King’s Affection season 1 begins with a mother’s affection for the pain of labour as well as the delight of hearing your baby’s first scream. 

An unexpected twist occurs after she successfully gives birth to her first baby. Another child is born to the Queen, but this time it is a daughter.

 To the Palace, the birth of the twins is an alarming sign. When the King learns of the facts, he orders the daughter’s assassination by the palace.

The King wonders aloud, “How can a crown prince share a womb with a girl?” Of course, the Queen fights for her daughter’s life, even requesting that his royal highness save her, not because the King ordered it, but because she is his daughter.

 “Being born a girl should not be the cause of her death,” she argues. We can tell the Royal Highness is in a pickle by his expression that it’s also his daughter we’re talking about. 

However, he is won over by power and control. It’s a grumpy scene with a terrible sword fight.

To rescue her beautiful daughter, The Queen injects a needle into her baby’s neck, which temporarily stops her heartbeat and fools the Royal Highness and the Royal Inspectors. The infant stopped breathing for a brief moment.

 The Queen and the people promptly remove the needle once they pass the testing. The baby begins to cry out in anguish once more. 

Her pulse is weakening as a result of this, so the Queen sends the infant to the doctor and instructs her trusted guardian to send her far away from the Palace.

The beginning of the fateful turn of events

The beginning of the fateful turn of events
The beginning of the fateful turn of events

The entire episode revolves around Lee Hwi’s childhood story and her encounter with Ji-Woon. After a few years, the twin son, now known as Lee Hwi, is the crown prince of the palace. He is clever and quick-witted.

 While the twin daughter goes by the moniker “Dam-i,” she lives a low-life existence. She passes the audition for the position of court maid lady at that time. When the twins run into each other in the Palace, fate puts them back together. 

They’re both perplexed when they see each other’s faces since they’re unaware of the painful reality that links them together. Lee Hwi tells the Queen about his experience with Dam-i, which gives her the chills.

Lee Hwi loses one of his most trusted Masters, Hwang-Gil, whom he regards as a father to him, after their first encounter. He summons Dam-i to swap places with him in order to meet him again. They turn out to be an unexpected ally. 

While Dam-i is enjoying the delectable cakes at his palace, he takes advantage of their advantages to sneak out of the palace to meet the Master. 

However, things become tight when Lee Hwi leaves her without a guidebook on how to deal with the Royal Highness who visits his room. When her father, The Royal Highness, asks about her favorite words from Zuo Zhuan’s book, Dam-i and Eunnuch worry. 

To avert a catastrophe, Da-Mi asks his father what passages from the book he enjoys. “The benevolent shall not be concerned, the wise will not be cajoled, and the brave will not be terrified,” he responds.

After hearing the lines and straight-up admiring him, Dam-i is fascinated by her father, something she has not yet acknowledged, resulting in an awkward yet adorable encounter between the father and daughter. If only there had been no misogyny back then.

The first meeting

The first meeting
The first meeting

Ji-Woo is the son of the investigation officer’s chief. He is looking forward to attending the banquet at the palace. His father beams with pride as he declares that when he is ready, he will likewise serve the King within the walls.

Dam-i, who is carrying a large amount of clothes, later draws his notice. When he notices her dropping one of the blue towels, he runs to pick it up and return it to her. He loses track of her but eventually locates her in the palace’s backyard. 

The environment and butterflies that describe the fluttering encounter are beautiful. The story proceeds quickly, and by this point, Ji-Woon has already fallen in love at first sight when he sees Dam-i sitting and reciting every word from Zuo Zhuan’s book. 

One of her father’s favorite phrases.

Later, he approaches her and is taken aback by the fact that she reads the same books that only noblemen read. To cut a long story short, after accidently tossing Dam-book i’s into the pond, Ji-Woon prevents her from retrieving the soaked book. 

So, instead of one of them falling into the pond, why don’t the two of them fall into it together? Ji-Woon drowns since he doesn’t know how to swim, but Dam-i saves him. Dam-i saves him with a kiss, or technically CPR, due to his unconsciousness. 

It works, not just in regaining consciousness, but also in rekindling the fires in his heart.

Ji-spirit Woon’s brightens after their first encounter. He begins to hone his balance and sword skills, much to his father’s satisfaction. 

To make amends for Dam-book, i’s he transcribed Zhou Zhen’s book and even inserted notes to make it easier to read for her. He delivers her the book the next day and claims it is a “copy” that he found in the library instead. 

He can fool Dam-i, but he can’t fool Lee Hwi. Later on, he makes jokes about their palace romance.

The Mother’s Anguish

The Mother's Anguish
The Mother’s Anguish

When the Queen learns of Dam-presence, i’s she commands that her people escor Dam-i to her palace. Unfortunately, Ji-father Woon’s notices them and develops a dislike for the Queen. 

Dam-i had no notion she was facing her mother at the Queen’s palace. The marks on the Queen’s right neck are noticed by the Queen. They tried to protect her by stopping her pulse at the time, but the marks remained. 

She became emotional and was unable to conceal the truth behind the curtain.

The Queen inquired about her daily routine and how she came to be in the Palace. Dam-i tells that the forest is on fire, and the monk perishes. 

She lives as a stray cat until she is adopted by a compassionate lady who assists her in obtaining a position as a court maid. “Do you despise your parents for abandoning you?” the Queen inquires. 

Dam-i calmly responds that she has never had a family and hence does not understand the feelings of missing someone or resentment. 

The Queen ultimately pulls back the curtain and motions for her to approach closer to her as he weeps for the first time since her birth, witnessing her daughter for the first time.

It’s Festival time, and all the court maids are eagerly leaving the palace gate to begin their vacation. Dam-i has no one to return home to, but her countenance brightens when she finds Ji-Woon waiting for her at the palace gate. 

As the spark between them grows, the two spend the entire festival together. As they float their wish lantern down the river, the moon eventually shines upon them. Before leaving, Ji-Woon offers Dam-i a present: a meaningful name, Yeon-Seon, which means lotus.

 The present moves Dam-i, and she vows to give it to him the next time they meet. It’s a dice with the words “Stay, and Wait” written on it.

Ji-father Woon’s noticed them strolling home together when they reached the palace gate. The resemblance between Dam-i and Lee Hwi perplexes him.

 He inquires about Dam-i with Ji-Woon. Ji-father Woon’s has an epiphany after seeing her face for the second time. He begins to piece together the puzzle and suspects Dam-i of being the Queen’s twin daughter.

The Queen is longingly gazing Dam-i from afar the next day. Because it’s perilous for the twins to be in the same area, she promptly instructs her attendants to transport Dam-i out of the palace as soon as possible. 

Her father is standing in front of him and hearing everything before she realizes it. The next thing we know, he’s choking the Queen for lying about her twin daughter’s death and disobeying the King’s command. Dam-i will be sent to Yanjing, where she would live as a ghost, she swears. Dam-father i’s has threatened to kill her.

The conclusion

The conclusion
The conclusion

The adrenaline rush continues. There are so many things going on at the same time. Ji-father Woon’s is searching the court maid’s quarters for Da-Mi.

 The lady informs him that Da-Mi has been chosen as one of the court maids to assist at the elderly dinner. The scene shifts to Da-Mi stepping in line with the court maid before breaking away and running through the mob. 

Meanwhile, Ji-Woon is waiting for him at the bridge, where they have promised to meet. On the other hand, Lee Hwi’s master’s beheading penalty is being carried out in the town. 

One of Queen’s servants spots Da-Mi among the crowd and rushes to defend him from Ji-father, Woon’s only to discover that the girl is Lee-Hwi, who is disguising himself to bid his master farewell, which is unfortunately cut short.

Lee Hwi had demanded that Da-Mi trade places with him again a few days ago because he wanted to see his Master for the last time. Da-Mi has no choice but to follow his instructions. However, things do not proceed as planned. 

Ji-father Woon’s has been after Da-Mi, but he has mistaken Lee Hwi for her because he dresses similarly to her. Lee-Hwi asks the guard who he is going after, and he guesses Da-Mi. 

He wants an explanation as to why they would want Dam-i to die, but they’re out of time. As the two guards engage in a sword duel, Lee Hwi flees on a horse. Lee-Hwi is pursued by Ji-father, Woon’s who knocks him out.

Unaware of the truth, he bolts an arrow into his horse, killing Lee Hwi. He’s pointing his arrow towards the palace guard, but he instantly changes his mind and shoots Lee Hwi instead. 

Meanwhile, Dam-i is waiting for Lee Hwi to arrive because she has a date with Ji-Woon. Because he needs to transfer to Eunuch’s workplace, Eunuch leaves her alone.

 Dam-i feels irritated and takes advantage of the opportunity to sneak out of the palace. She tosses the dice into the air, which rolls to the ground. With the word “Longing” just under the King’s feet. The first episode of The King’s Affection is now complete!

The King’s Affection is sweet and affectionate in the first episode. Lee Hwi will never know that Dam-i is his twin sister, which is ironic. He also needs to die in vain (or does he?)

On the other hand, for Dam-i, things are only going to get more complicated, as this is the start of her sad narrative of living under someone else’s identity and carrying the guilt. I’m looking forward to seeing how the narrative develops!

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