Mercedes F1 vehicle for the year 2022. 2022 mercedes f1 car side pods

When Lewis Hamilton returns to the Formula One grid in his Mercedes for the 2022 season, he is hopeful that a change of livery would bring him a change of fortune.

The Silver Arrows have returned to its original namesake livery for the 2019 season after competing in a black design since the restart of Formula One competition in 2020.

2022 mercedes f1 car
2022 mercedes f1 car

Indeed, the resumption of Formula One immediately after the global epidemic coincided with the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement, which dominated news coverage at the time. 

Hamilton, the lone black superstar on the Formula One grid, has played an important role in starting the discourse about making the sport more diverse. Mercedes-Benz opted to use the black design as part of their anti-racism campaign and put it into effect.

Some aspects of the design will remain in place until 2022, but in a more subdued manner. The engine cover of the new season’s car is decorated with stars, and the car is finished in black with the vivid jade-green of title sponsor Petronas as a backdrop.

“As a team, we have evolved from the Silver Arrows to slowly becoming a more diverse and inclusive team, and as a result, our colors going future will be silver and black,” Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff revealed. “Our colors going forward will be silver and black.”

Mercedes has unveiled Lewis Hamilton’s Formula One car for the 2022 season

Mercedes has unveiled Lewis Hamilton's Formula One car for the 2022 season
Mercedes has unveiled Lewis Hamilton’s Formula One car for the 2022 season

Formula One world champions Lewis Hamilton and George Russell have unveiled the car they will be driving in this year’s competition, which is sponsored by Mercedes.

This car, which will be known as the W13, will be built in accordance with Formula One’s new technical regulations for 2022, as Mercedes aims to extend its winning streak of eight constructors’ championships to a ninth consecutive season.

A short shakedown session at Silverstone followed the morning unveiling, during which George Russell and Lewis Hamilton drove the car despite the circuit being blasted by high winds brought on by Storm Eunice.

According to team principal Toto Wolff, “we did quite well during the previous big regulatory transition into the hybrid era [in 2014] and performed well when we went from the narrow to the wide vehicles in 2017.”

 Although we have a strong track record, my message is clear: we cannot rely on past success to drive our performance this year, but we can rely on our people, our culture, our structure, and our attitude to achieve at our highest levels in 2022.

The car’s design appears to be quite straightforward in its debut specification, but it is tightly packaged around the powertrain. The W13, on the other hand, is set to undergo considerable changes before the first race in Bahrain on March 20.

62dReuters F1 is bracing for a slew of conflicts over the new 2022 rules.

According to technical director Mike Elliott, “the aerodynamic modifications are so significant that they have a significant impact on the packaging of the car and where you want to put specific components.”

 “When comparing this year’s car to last year’s, we’ve virtually only carried over the steering wheel; everything else is completely new, which is primarily a result of the new aerodynamic regulations.

“The way aerodynamic surfaces are specified in the regulations has also changed dramatically this year: instead of being given a CAD surface and a tolerance to it, you are now given a tolerance to it. 

This means that the designers must conceive in a different way, and the process of ensuring that the geometry is lawful is significantly more difficult.

Exactly why Mercedes is dubious of how fast its F1 2022 car actually is because to porpoising

Exactly why Mercedes is dubious of how fast its F1 2022 car actually is because to porpoising
Exactly why Mercedes is dubious of how fast its F1 2022 car actually is because to porpoising

The Brackley-based team has had a dismal start to the new season, with its W13 unable to compete on an equal footing with the race-winning Ferrari and Red Bull teams in the first races.

In the early stages of testing the new ground effect machines, all teams have faced the porpoising problem, which has slowed their progress to a greater or lesser amount.

The problem has been addressed rapidly by other teams, but Mercedes is still searching for the optimal setup to eliminate bouncing without impairing car performance, which is a source of contention.

In an interview with Autosport, Mercedes‘ head of trackside engineering Andrew Shovlin admitted that the team still does not have a complete grasp on how to drive the car where it wants without suffering porpoising – and that the team does not yet know if the W13 is actually capable of fighting at the front.

Upon being asked by whether the most important pace driver at the moment was figuring out how to get rid of porpoising while not compromising car performance, Shovlin responded, “That’s certainly priority number one.”

 Because doing so ultimately prevents us from operating the vehicle in the manner in which we would like it to operate for maximum performance.

But we have no way of knowing where we would be in terms of automotive speed if we could just magically solve the problem. Is the vehicle fast enough or not? ” And it’s quite tough to provide an answer to that issue.”

Mercedes claims that identifying the variables that are causing their automobile to porpoise is critical to moving forward with the vehicle.

 It believes that the problem is far more sophisticated than simply having too much downforce pulling the car down on the straights till it hits the ground and rebounds back up to the top of the straight.

“We need to gain a better understanding of the problem at its core,” Shovlin continued. The team has identified a few avenues that they believe may lead them in the right direction, but it will take some time to get those items on the car. And we’re putting in a lot of effort.

‘We’re well aware that there are other teams out there who have been able to solve this challenge more quickly than we have. And it is not the standard to which we are used to working.

“Every ounce of work at the plant is being directed toward getting on top of this, while also ensuring that we do not overlook regular car development.”

 However, there is a great deal of effort being put into attempting to get us out of this situation at the time.”

Mercedes is sticking with its original design for the time being, unlike some other teams who have solved their porpoising issues by chopping away pieces of the floor, which reduces downforce and reduces performance.

This is because it believes that if it can fix the bouncing problem, it will be able to harness all of the downforce that it originally believed the W13 design had available….

As he explained, “If you can fix the problem with the porpoising, you won’t have to give up the downforce.” I believe that most teams are trading one for the other to a greater or lesser extent, which is the problem.

“We did experiment with a cutaway floor in the Bahrain test.” On Friday, we put it to the test in Bahrain. We believe that the answer we came up with was a better one in the long run. 

However, for the time being, we consider what we’ve done to be little more than bandages for the problem, and we need to repair the problem in a more effective method that doesn’t simply reduce performance.”

Some technical improvements over the previous season are included, including an upgrade of the cutting-edge turbo-hybrid engines, which will have more standardized parts and will run on E10 biofuel this season.

These cars will also be equipped with some new safety features, including 18-inch Pirelli tires, which will help to reduce the amount of overheating, and a new design that will allow for a crash to occur without the chassis being exposed to fire, reducing the likelihood of an incident like that which occurred with Romain Grosjean in 2020.

Some of the teams have divulged specifics about the actual car they will be driving, while others have just used the conventional F1 show car and announced their liveries, as has been done by the majority of the teams.

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