Substance Abuse Programs

Drug Education Program

A six-week program educating offenders on six different addiction/substance abuse topics. The Program’s main goal is to educate and increase
an individual’s awareness on different aspects related to substance abuse and the disease of addiction.  Topics are taught in a cyclical manner and client’s are required to attend all six topics  and complete the other requirements in order to receive a completion certificate.  The program includes six structured educational classes, weekly self help attendance and random urinalysis testing.

Outpatient Drug & Alcohol Treatment

Our treatment programs are based on the findings of the assessment.  We may use a combination of Group Sessions, Individual sessions and random urinalysis testing.   We tailor a recommendation based on individual needs and situations.

In Group sessions, we assist clients in exploring and discovering new healthy, safe “tools” and coping strategies.  We have gender specific groups which we believe can create an atmosphere of safety for sharing issues without fear of judgment or criticism.

In Individual sessions, we encourage clients to explore what they are learning and applying.  When clients are willing to explore their issues, as therapists, we are trained to guide them to their answers  safely.  We encourage clients to address current stressors and life events.

Another part of the program is regular attendance at self-help meetings.  We encourage clients to create a positive support network they can utilize after completing a treatment program.

Random urinalysis testing is used to detect the presence of illicit substances in the system.  There are several substance types of tests that we can use in the office or through a laboratory.


Relapse Prevention/Licensed After Care

These programs are designed to help those individuals solidify and strengthen their recovery program.  It allows clients the opportunity to recognize and learn more about what causes them to relapse and ways to prevent it.  It is for clients that have been in treatment and are learning to apply the  "tools" they've obtained for recovery in their daily lives.  These programs address topics and issues concerning triggers, sponsorship, prevention plans, and more. 

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