Anger Management
Batterers Intervention Program 

Anger Management Program

Anger Management is a program that uses a psycho-educational approach and is conducted in a group setting.  The Program is designed to assist participants in the recognition, understanding and adjusting of their responses to stressful, emotionally charged situations.  The participants learn ways in which to recognize anger triggers and respond in healthy and appropriate ways.

Batterers Intervention Program (BIP)

The Batterers Intervention Program (BIP) is a state certified psychoeducational program that utilizes the Duluth Model curriculum. The program is designed to challenge and address the abuser’s values and beliefs in order to help him recognize the underlying causes of his abuse.  The program teaches men healthy non-violent behaviors and requires him to actively practice these actions on a weekly basis.  The victim’s safety and well-being are the underlying purposes of the BIP Program.

NOTE:  As with any program, the BIP Program has its limitations and should not be considered as a“cure”, or erroneously assume that the abuse will stop or the abuser will change.  Every participant of the program is responsible for his own change and any improvement should be examined carefully.

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